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The most common and successful brand of casino slot machines in the world has been for a long time the Gaminator slots. Everyone who has stepped foot in a land based casino will recognize the Gaminator name as these slots have dominated casino floors for a decades. Slot machines are responsible for 70% of a casino’s revenue so it’s very important that the casinos have the right amount of slot machines to cover the whole of the casinos floor. This 70% revenue statistic shows how popular the slot games are and how well the Gaminator slots did their land based role. When the internet explosion happened there was a massive demand for the very popular Gaminator slots to be made available to the world online. The huge demand from players wanting to enjoy the various Gaminator slots from their own home was huge and the games soon went online. The slots popularity exploded once launched online as people from around the world could all enjoy the games from the comfort of their own home. Players have said they saved both money and time as they did not have to travel to and from a casino. Other positives that players listed were convenience and comfort as they could now play for big prizes from their living room.

The launch of the Gaminator slots online meant that a top design and production team needed to be bought in so that the games could successfully be transferred from a land based to online platform. Different types of designers and production team staff needed to be contacted to build up the different teams. The creative team would be in charge of creating new themes for games and designing the idea behind them. The second types of person needed to create these online masterpieces are the production team who would create the graphics and sound effects of a slot game. The graphics in some of the Gaminator slots are simply exceptional and this is down to the quality of the production team. In creating these two teams to make the Gaminator slots the best people were contacted around the world so the best possible creative and production teams were formed. This insistence on finding the best and most talented people in the industry to create the online Gaminator slots really paid off as the games produced were excellent. These excellent games received fantastic reviews from the pubic and soon became household names.

The themes that were created by the creative team for the Gaminator slots varied a lot with the aim of appealing to as many different types of people as possible. This was done so as many different types of customers would be contacted to enjoy the games as possible. The first type of theme that the Gaminator slots creators made is the fantasy adventure slot game there are several titles that come under this theme. These fantasy adventure games include Lucky Ladies Charm, Magic Princess, Lord of the Ocean, Win Wizard and Alchemist. These Gaminator slots games all centre on magic and mystical powers and all of the games are set in a fantasy environment. These games will appeal to certain types of players and these players are the fans of fantasy stories and tales. People who love fantasy films will love these Gaminator slots games, people who enjoy movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Stardust will definitely enjoy this genre of game. The games all aim to take players on a journey to a fantasy world where they will enjoy seeing magic and mysterious things that they could only dream off.

The first of these fantasy adventures is the title Lucky Ladies Charm and the idea behind the theme of this game is to take players on a mystical and magical adventure. The Gaminator slots game places the player in the shoes of a travelling woman who is lost in this fantasy world where the rivers run green and the skies are purple. This weird world is full of hazards and dangers so the player must tread carefully on their search for the lucky objects that will help reward their quest with wealth. These lucky objects include the magic ball, the four leaf clover and the horseshoe which all result in the player finding wealth on their search. The aim of the Gaminator slots game is to find the lucky charm which will result in big prizes being paid to the player. This Gaminator slots game is highly involving due to the quality of the graphics and the sound effects in the game.The graphics in this Gaminator slots title include a really cool background which draws the player into the theme of the game and the symbols all show different lucky objects a player can find to help them on their quest.

The next of the fantasy adventure games in the Gaminator slots range in the Magic Princess game and players will love the creativeness of this title as it takes them into a new and special world. This special world will instantly remind players of a storybook fairytale world filled with magic and excitement. The player in this Gaminator slots game is placed in the middle of this world where the fields are bright green with golden paths lining roads to the different kingdoms. The players need to find the right golden path the find the Magic Princess who promises to cast a spell of riches on the player who manages to successfully find her. This challenge of finding the Magic Princesses Tower is a fun one and players can raise their chances by finding a magic crown, a magic ball and a magic wand on their journey. The graphics in this Gaminator slots game are excellent and the symbols that are used in the game are all 3D images that look excellent and players will love them. The sounds in this Gaminator slots game all add to the mystical fantasy storybook feel of the Magic Princess game and each different win line plays a different sound effect.