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The various games in the Download Gaminator range all offer different concepts and themes. The games are all based in various locations and the one location that is very popular and has several games based there is under the sea. These underwater games all offer an Aquatic theme and all of these games have proved to be very popular with players. The underwater Download Gaminator games are Mermaids Pearl, Dolphins Pearl, Big Catch and Lord of the Ocean. These games all offer a great underwater environment for players through amazing graphic and sound effects. The graphics in the Download Gaminator games range have moving backgrounds, the seas current moves the seaweed and air bubbles fizz to the surface. The sound effects in the underwater Download Gaminator games all create a very aquatic feel to the slot games through electronic tones and noises. These elements all add to the overall playing environment given to the player and manage to create a realistic deep sea feeling. The reason why this is a popular location for a slot game is that the sea covers a large proportion of the Earths mass and is somewhere humans know very little about. The games therefore give users the chance to explore somewhere new and very intriguing.


The first of these underwater based Download Gaminator slot games is the excellent title Mermaids Pear. This game gives the user the chance to chase after one of the most famous mystical creatures in the world the Mermaid. This mystical creature has the power to guide players to the Pearl and the sunken treasure. The player starts this Download Gaminator game right at the bottom of the ocean amongst the sea weed and pebbles. The player is tasked with swimming past all of the fantastic and beautiful fish to find the Mermaid who can help them find their ultimate goal. The slot game features many beautiful sea creatures that players will love seeing these include turtles, crabs and sea horses. The graphics used in this Download Gaminator slot game are fantastic and really bring the theme of the game to life. The symbols of the Download Gaminator game all represent different characters that you can see in the game including various types of fish and marine life. The all important Mermaid is also shown as a character in the reels and when she arrives she performs a fantastic dance that players will love.

The next Download Gaminator game that is based deep under the water is the Dolphins Pearl slot. This is a very exciting game that is based on mankind’s favourite creature the Dolphin. Dolphins are amazing creatures that live under the sea they are the only underwater creature that is not a fish and is classed as a mammal due to its breathing system. The fantastic mammals have been known as mankind’s best friend for many years as they have a long history of saving humans from shark attacks and drowning. The Download Gaminator game places players in the tropical seas where they see beautiful schools of fish swimming past and sea weed waving with the current. The player must then start their quest to find the Pearl and the treasure, to do this they must find the Dolphin who will then act as the guide to the player. This Download Gaminator game features all different types of wonderful marine life that really bring the theme of the game to life. The graphics in this Download Gaminator game are excellent and the moving background makes the slot feel very realistic and players will really feel like they are hunting to find Dolphins.

The next game in the Download Gaminator range that is based underwater is the fun filled fishing game Big Catch. This fun filled fishing game is based on the popular pastime and hobby fishing this is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and is how many people love to spend their free time. This Download Gaminator game takes players to the bottom of the sea bed where there are many fish swimming and available to be caught. Players will love the chance to be taken on this famously fun fishing outing and will appreciate the chance to imagine they are out at sea trying to catch huge fish. The graphics used in this Download Gaminator game are exceptional and really bring the fun theme of the slot to life. The background of this Download Gaminator slot is the moving sea where there are different elements of the sea moving to add value to the visual effect. The symbols used in the Big Catch game are of different marine life and through the games 3D imagery look really excellent. The sound effects in Big Catch are brilliant as they are a mix of aquatic sea noises with special fishing related sounds.

These different Download Gaminator games are all based in a deep underwater environment and all of the games have individual and separate themes. These themes are all fantastically well presented through the graphics and the sound effects and all of these games have exceptional game play features. The game play in the Download Gaminator games covers the format of the slot and the bonus features that are offered to players. One of the bonus features offered in one of the above Download Gaminator games is called the random bonus feature. This feature works in the Big Catch game and happens completely randomly after either a winning or losing spin. The feature works by a special noise being sounded and this means that the reels are cleared and a fishing rod comes onto the screen and starts fishing. This rod collects fish and each fish equals money in the prize fund and the bigger the fish the bigger the prize. This random bonus feature is only stopped when the fishing rod catches an old boot. The various bonuses in the Download Gaminator games all add a lot of winning potential for players and players will enjoy the excitement of these bonuses.