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The Gaminator 2 Online range of games is huge and they are all very different from each other so that the widest possible audience is contacted. The designers of the games come up with unique and individual themes for each and every title and this is done with the aim of targeting as many different types of people as possible. One of the types of games that Gaminator 2 Online produce are the cartoon animated games that try to create a fun and cartoony feel to the game. These games are targeted at people who like cartoons and fun animations, people who enjoy the Hollywood animated films like Shrek and Toy Story will love these games. These Gaminator 2 Online titles are produced with the highest levels of visual effects as the graphics are all highly detailed cartoon animations. The cartoon animations cover the background and the reels of the slots and both the two animated games in the range look fantastic. The two fun animated games in the Gaminator 2 Online series are the Bugs and Bees and Beetle Mania games both of these titles are based on cartoon insects. These games all have fantastic sound effects to add to the physical appearance of the slot.

The first of these animated titles from Gaminator 2 Online is the seriously fun and cute Bugs and Bees game. This game places players deep in the back garden of any house and in amongst the flowerbeds. The aim of the game is to find as many different Bugs and Bees as possible as this equates to money in the players fund. This Gaminator 2 Online game features lots of different characters who are different insects and presents them all in fantastic fun cartoon animation. This animation in the Bugs and Bees game extends to the background of the slot which is done out like the flowerbeds in a back garden with leaves and flowers creatively filling the space. The highlight however in this Gaminator 2 Online game are the symbols used on the reels as they are different animated Bugs and Bees characters. These different characters look excellent as they are all animated in the highest possible detail and do a 3D dance on the reels when they appear. These 3D dances are all totally different from each other and look brilliant with the Bugs and Bees looking really cute and fun. The sounds in this Gaminator 2 Online title all add to the fun feel of the slot game through their short and sharp electronic tones.

The second of the classic animated titles from Gaminator 2 Online is the Beetles Mania slot. This is a fantastically clever and creative slot game that uses fun cartoon animation to bring the theme to life. The theme of the Beetle Mania game is the world famous 60’s rock band ‘The Beetles’, this band were from Liverpool in England and were one of the most famous and popular groups of all time. The Gaminator 2 Online game manages to theme this game on the famous band and presents them through clever online animation. The background of this Gaminator 2 Online slot is a recording studio where there are speakers, guitars and microphones filling up the screen. The reels then spin in various symbols that are all characters from the famous band; these characters are wonderfully well animated with them all representing different members of the hit band. The animations show all of the different band members with mop haircuts which is an excellent detail as this was one of the bands trademark characteristics. The sound effects of this Gaminator 2 Online slot are also great and add to the fun cartoon feel of this Beetle Mania game. The different winning combinations in the game are all represented by different sounds and this really adds value to the playing experience for the user.

The Gaminator 2 Online range of games tries to cater for all different types of players with their range of slot games. One type of game that is very unique and themed on a completely different concept is the game Caribbean Holiday. This Gaminator 2 Online game is themed on a luxury holiday to the Caribbean. A holiday to the Caribbean is most people dream and this slot game gives players the chance to immerse themselves in the thought of doing just this. The Gaminator 2 Online game is also very clever as it gives players the chance whilst playing the game to win really high amounts through the excellent bonus features so that this dream could become a reality. The player in this game is placed on a beach in the Caribbean drinking Mai Tai cocktails, looking at beautiful lifeguards and watching the sunset this is a fantasy themed game which will real allows players to escape. The graphics in the Gaminator 2 Online game are excellent and really bring this fantasy holiday to life. This is done through the background which shows the blue skies and seas and the symbols showing all the different holiday elements.

These great games above from Gaminator 2 Online all feature great and exciting themes and these themes are brought to life through exceptional visual effects. These visual effects include the graphics and the sound effects used in the slot games which are of the highest possible quality. These Gaminator 2 Online games not only offer these outstanding visual effects and themes but include excellent game play. This game play covers the bonus features offered and in all of the above games an excellent scatter bonus feature is on offer. The scatter bonus feature works by three or more of a nominated symbol being spun into the screen and this triggers the bonus feature. This feature is a number of bonus spins that are paid on a multiplying amount and result in the player’s prize fund increasing dramatically. The next bonus feature that can be found in these Gaminator 2 Online games is the substitute bonus which works by a special symbol having the ability to swap with other symbols to create a winning line. The variety of bonuses available in the Gaminator 2 Online range allows players a great chance to raise their winning fund.