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The Gaminator Multigame range of titles is huge with large amount of games being produced so that different games appeal to a wide range of people. These people are based in locations across the world and are of all different ages and can be male or female. This huge diversity of customers means that the slot games need to be very diverse in the themes that are offered to players. One type of theme the Gaminator Multigame range has are the action and adventure games that will really excite players. These games can feature explorers setting of on quests for gold and glory or see players embark on a battle with pirates for treasure. The action and adventure games included in the Gaminator Multigame range are the Book of Ra, Sharky and Quest for Gold slots. These games all take the player on an involved adventure that they can really enjoy and feel part of. The graphics used in the Gaminator Multigame range are all excellent and allow for players to really feel like they are part of the adventure. The sounds used also really raise the tempo of the slot games and players will really appreciate and enjoy this.

The first of these Gaminator Multigame action and adventure slot games is the Book of Ra slot game. This game is about an explorer who has been told about a mystical ancient book that has the power to open the passage way to a historic Pharaohs gold reserves. The Gaminator Multigame slot places the player in this role of an explorer who flies to Egypt to follow a line of clues that will lead the player to the special Book of Ra. On this quest to find the book the player will be taken through pyramids and will see sarcophaguses and scarabs on their journey. The player will feel the dangerous elements in the slot game and this Gaminator Multigame really manages to raise player’s pulses. The graphics in this exciting Book of Ra game are excellent and players will love the fact that the symbols are in very detailed 3D. These 3D images all perform unique and detailed 3D dance sequences which really bring the game to life. The sounds in this Gaminator Multigame are really excellent and add to the Egyptian feel of the game by playing Egyptian sounding tones and tunes.

The next Gaminator Multigame action and adventure game is the fantastic title Sharky. This game is themed on the most exciting possible theme and that is a pirate adventure. In research done with potential customers they said Pirates are the most fascinating people ever to have lived. The reasons behind this answer are that modern day popular culture features Pirates regularly an example of this are the hit movies Pirates of the Caribbean. These movies were inspirational in the creation of this Gaminator Multigame slot as the game heavily features pirates and the adventures that they have in the Caribbean. The Gaminator Multigame title Sharky places players abroad a ship sailing the Caribbean seas in search of buried treasure. The player on their search will come across many dangers like man eating sharks and savage wild pirates. The player can be aided whist playing this Gaminator Multigame by several different elements like a handsome sailor, the compass or the talking parrot. The graphics used to bring this Sharky games exciting theme to life are excellent and players will really enjoy the background and symbols used in the slot game. The symbols that are spun in on the reels are different characters that are featured in the Sharky slot game.

The next action and adventure game in the Gaminator Multigame range is the exciting Quest for Gold slot. This game gives players a great chance to take on the role of an explorer who is given a map to find buried treasure. This is a really exciting topic to theme a slot game on as lots of people dream of being given such maps and this slot allows people to play out this fantasy. This Gaminator Multigame places a player deep in the South American jungle where they are in uncharted territory and they have to search their way through the jungle to find the treasure. The player can come across some difficult challenges in this Gaminator Multigame and these include savage hill tribes and sinking mud. The player’s quest can also be aided by a monkey, a compass and of course the treasure map. This Gaminator Multigame is very cleverly named and themed like a very popular action and adventure movie trilogy. The title of this Quest for Gold game is written in the same font and style as this popular film which gives fans of this movie the opportunity to take part in an adventure like their favorite film hero.

These action and adventure slot games from Gaminator Multigame have excellent and exciting themes and use sensational graphics to present these themes. The games are also very playable and the game play offered in the Gaminator Multigame range is really excellent. Players have the opportunity to play the games on a variety of formats some of these games are offered on ten win lines and some on twenty which give the player lots of flexibility. The bonus features that are up for grabs in these exciting games are excellent and really add to a player’s enjoyment of the slot game. The first bonus feature a player should really look out for is the scatter bonus that is available in all three of the above mentioned Gaminator Multigame games. This bonus works by a player spinning in three or more of a certain symbol on the reel to activate a number of bonus win spins. These bonus win spins can really help a players winning prize fund. Another bonus available in all the above Gaminator Multigame games is the gamble bonus feature where players can double or lose their winnings on one fifty / fifty bet. These bonus features all add to the overall playing experience and players will love the playing environment that the games offer.