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The range of different Gaminator Novomatic games all have different imaginative and creative themes to please a wide range of people. These themes are all presented with excellent graphics and sound effects so that the user can enjoy the various themes to their maximum potential. The most important factor for a player in the enjoyment of a casino slot game more than the theme and the visual effects is the game play that the slot offers. The game play offered in the various Gaminator Novomatic games is really excellent and this covers the format of a slot machine and the bonus features that are offered. The format of the different Gaminator Novomatic games vary from having 3 reels and 1 win line to having 5 reels and 20 win lines. The more win lines offered means the more options a player has when placing their bet this flexibility means the more experienced casino game players will be kept happy. The Gaminator Novomatic Alchemist game operates with only one win line making this a very easy slot game and perfect for beginners. This variety in win line and reel options means that players have a great range of choice when selecting what type of game to play.

The bonus features offered in the Gaminator Novomatic game range are designed to raise player’s pulses and give them a great chance of winning. The first of these bonus features that players can find in numerous games is the scatter bonus feature. An example of a game in the Gaminator Novomatic range where this feature is available is the title Ramses. The scatter bonus in this game works by the nominated symbol, the scarab, needing to be spun in on the screen three or more times. This then triggers an award of 15 bonus spins to the player where they can dramatically raise their winning fund. The next exciting bonus feature in the Gaminator Novomatic range is the substitute bonus feature and an example of a game that uses this feature is the Just Jewels game. The bonus feature in this game is represented by the Euro symbol and this symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board. This is a very useful feature in the Gaminator Novomatic games as the aim of the game is to line as many of the same symbols up from the left to the right of the screen as possible. Therefore this substitute bonus can really help a player in their chances of achieving the games aim.

The next bonus feature that players should keep their eye open for when playing the various Gaminator Novomatic games is the completely random bonus feature. This fun bonus feature can be found in the Real King game and can be awarded to a player at any point during the game after a winning or losing spin. The player knows it is activated in this game as a special noise is sounded and an animated king floats out over the reels awarding the players fund with prizes. This excellent Gaminator Novomatic bonus is only deactivated when another special noise is sounded and the king disappears in a puff of smoke. The next bonus feature that can be found in the Gaminator Novomatic range is the ‘Sack of Gold’ bonus that can be found in the 4 King Cash game. This works by the player collecting Gold Sacks on the reels and when enough Gold Sacks have been collected the title screen lights up. This starts the reels continuously spinning and the player is awarded money into the prize fund with each spin. This is another great bonus feature in the Gaminator Novomatic range that players will really enjoy as it has excellent winning potential.

The list of bonus features available in the Gaminator Novomatic games grows with the double substitute bonus. The title Caribbean Holiday is an excellent game and features this double substitute bonus and is represented by the lifeguard symbol. This symbol can be automatically substituted into any other symbol in the game to help enhance the chances of creating a winning line. If this happens then it automatically doubles any winning combination to create a really good winning amount for the player. The Gaminator Novomatic title Bullion Bars offers a very unique slot format with only 3 reels having a total of 20 win lines. This game also features a very unique bonus in the Gaminator Novomatic range and this is the Bullion Streak bonus. This bonus works by the player managing to spin in BAR, BAR STREAK, BAR across the reels to trigger lots of winning spins for the player. This is a great bonus feature that can generate really large winning amounts for the prize fund. These two bonus features in the Gaminator Novomatic range are excellent and players will enjoy the challenge of playing for them.

This variety of bonus features available in the Gaminator Novomatic range are excellent and allow players the chance to play some very exciting bonus features. These features all have the intention of raising player’s pulses and giving them the chance to win some really big prizes. One of the games in the Gaminator Novomatic range offers a progressive jackpot to players which means if the player achieves the right combination on the reels they could win 10,000 credits. The game that offers this excellent progressive bonus is the Golden Sevens title. This is a massive potential winning amount for players to aim for and gives players a serious motivation to play the Gaminator Novomatic games. Players are guaranteed an excellent playing experience in the different Gaminator Novomatic games as all of the various games offer players different playing options. This wide variety of choice for players means that all different types of players whether they are beginners or experienced casino players are catered for. This combination of excellent themes, graphics and sound effects combined with the excellent game play means that these slot games offer players a complete playing experience.