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The Novo Gaminator brand has produced a massively diverse range of games with the intention of appealing to as many different potential customer groups as possible. These Novo Gaminator games all cover and present different themes and one of these themes is historical based games. These games all cover different periods in history and all of these are exciting periods that users will really enjoy playing and being taken back to. The different games in the Novo Gaminator range that are based on historical themes are the Kings Treasure, Columbus, Katana and Ramses slot. These different slot games all cover completely different parts of history and players will really enjoy being transported to these era’s. The different Novo Gaminator games are all presented with fantastic graphics. The different games manage to completely immerse players in the various eras through the quality of the visual effects. The player through these awesome visual effects will feel as if they are back in Medieval England, sailing across the Atlantic aboard a beautiful ship, racing through the fields in ancient Japan or climbing pyramids in ancient Egypt. The different games all have individually themed sound effects that players will really enjoy and this adds value to their playing experience.

The first of these history themed games in the Novo Gaminator range is the very exciting Kings Treasure game. This game is based back in the medieval ages in England where knights on horseback and stone castles were everywhere. This is one of the most interesting periods in history and many modern very successful films have been centered on this era. This Novo Gaminator game places players on the fields of the English countryside with the task of finding the King and stealing his treasure. This is a difficult quest for a player as they will have to pass many dangers and obstacles like savage local hill tribes and the finest deadliest knights in England who guard the King. Players will find the kings castle and will battle deep down into the dungeons to find his treasure and become successful. The graphics used in the Novo Gaminator game to bring this intrigue and creative theme to life are excellent. The background of the Novo Gaminator slot is a royal red colour to add to the royal feeling of the game. The symbols that can be spun in on the reels are also all related to royalty or treasure which again adds value to the theme of the slot.

The next Novo Gaminator game that is themed on a period in history is the game Columbus which is based on the amazing explorer from the 15th century. This explorer is incredibly famous for his great discovery of America, as in the 15th century people used to think the world was flat until Columbus decided it was round and set off to prove his theory. On a sailing mission to prove this theory he accidently came across the huge country that is America and this started the growth of the ‘New World’. Players will love the chance in this Novo Gaminator game to take on the role of such a famous and important figure in history. The player in this Novo Gaminator game are placed aboard a sailing ship pulling out of the harbor in Europe on the quest across the Atlantic ocean. The player on their dangerous voyage is able to find different objects that will significantly help their journey these include a compass and a map. The aim of this Novo Gaminator game is to discover new lands that will lead to discovering treasures and this means prizes for the winning fund.

The next game in the Novo Gaminator range that is based on an exciting period in history is the excellent and very popular Katana game. This game is based in ancient Japan which is a very interesting and intriguing period in history. This era is very popular with players as it’s heavily covered in modern day popular culture which creates a large interest in the slot game. This coverage in modern day popular culture is usually focused on the samurai warriors and the architecture of the beautiful buildings. This Novo Gaminator game places players on the fields of ancient Japan with the aim of finding the sacred temple which keeps all of the hidden gold. The player on their quest in this Novo Gaminator game will pass many dangers and obstacles these include deadly samurai warriors and vicious Ninjas. The player can also seek help in finding the sacred temple from the Shogun who is a wise old man who will help on the quest. The graphics in this Novo Gaminator game are simply superb and players will instantly feel immersed in the intricate historical theme. The sound effects in the game also add to the ancient Japanese feel as they produce excellent Asian sounds.

The different historical themed Novo Gaminator games are all bought to life through the excellent graphic and sound effects. These visual effects manage to bring all of the different parts of the game to life and allow players to really immerse themselves in the time period presented. The game play of the various Novo Gaminator historical games are all excellent and the various slot formats all provide players with a great playing experience. The bonus features that are available in the different games really add a good level of excitement for players. One of the best bonus features seen in the above Novo Gaminator games is the scatter bonus feature where a player can win a number of bonus spins. This bonus is achieved by a player spinning into the screen at least three of a nominated special symbol. The player is then awarded with a certain amount of win spins paid at a certain multiplying amount that can really add to their prize fund. The Novo Gaminator games are filled with other exciting bonuses for players to find and help them to become rich whilst playing these highly fun and involving games.